Codeless Automated Testing and its Future

Testing has always been a must task, if you are into product or service development cycle. Quality assurance and process testing is paramount for any software where a single bug can cause massive losses, no matter the end product is small or big.

In the running agile development process, where development and process cycle includes various features that testing becomes an imperative and complicated. In many cases, manual testing plays an important role, but still in some cases it fails under the deluge of features, javascripts, links and integrations. Testing that includes performance testing and user experience testing makes it more complex process, therefore you get no choice other than automate the testing process. And that’s the time when codeless testing comes into process.

Automation Testing and Codeless Testing

The necessity of any agile development process is automation testing. Automation testing creates a separate software framework to test the primary solution all through the automated means. The complexity of testing framework must be very complex. Automation testing is an imperative stage when you get every release needs proper execution of numerous executions of test cases and actions. Custom automation testing includes writing separate implementation of software scripts of every test cases and executing them through the segregated software set up which is dedicated specifically to running, monitoring and also logging the test cases.

For the huge projects which are having fast release cycles, creating test environment which requires writing down the test scripts takes a huge amount of time and resources. The ultimate solution to this issue is the codeless testing which means the creation of automation tests without penning down a single piece of code. This specific approach has been evolving steadily with the nee move in the technology that focuses more around reducing the coding process and it makes it more user-friendly. The objective behind this process is to make the set up much easier to use that automating a test scenario that takes less time and requires almost no coding efforts.

How does the Codeless Testing Works?

There are several approaches behind the codeless testing. The two most highly acclaimed process involves recording the manual tests and then engaging it back and also by creating the test flow structure through diagrams that are used to run the tests. This record and play approach is being the most popular which are specially tried by web based products.

Future of Codeless Automation Testing

As expected in the future, the requirement of automation testing will never be diminished. Codeless testing is tools for automation testers to fast track the jobs rather than replacing their jobs. But if we talk about the unpredicted future, the tools will become smart enough that will completely abolish the need for test script coding, allowing testing directions to be passed on to the system in a complete codeless package. Right now though, automation functionalities is the most important requirement of any agile development process.


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