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An Android developer has a crucial role in designing and developing useful applications that can reach out to a wide customer base. Developing an Android application is easy, and hence the market is filled with millions of applications. However, only a handful of these applications are famous and used by a considerable number of people.

An easy way to guarantee thesuccess of an application is to follow a tried and tested method of app

development. The trained professionals follow the given process of Android development.

  1. Analyze Trends and Perform Market Research

One of the most common mistakes carried out by developers while beginning the work on their project is, under-assessment of competition. It is crucial for every developer to study the best features of the competitive applications to develop a likable product.

Android developers from AppzCreative have an experience of working with several types of applications. This allows them to assess the pros and cons of their competition helping you develop the best application possible.

  1. App Design and Addition of Functionality

The next step in Android development process is to add functionality to the application while maintaining the aesthetics of the interface. It is common for Android developers to miss out either on creating a functional application or creating an intuitive user interface.

At AppzCreative our goal is to provide your company with the best task force that can efficiently focus on both the criteria equally. We also connect you with professional graphic designers who can revamp the entire user interface of your mobile application to make it more appealing to the eyes of the user.

  1. Development of Update Criteria

To ensure a good user retention, it is crucial for a developer to plan and launch updates for the application at strategically spaced intervals. While rolling out updates is a gradual process, it is important for a developer to plan the source code for an application to fit in thecode for the updates. He/she should also have a fair idea of how the application will need an update in the short as well as long-term.

Developers from AppzCreative often study the most important features of similar applications and create the necessary original update plan from time to time.

  1. Penetration Testing

When your application deals with important aspects of social media and asks for sensitive data from the user, you want to ensure that the user’s data is always safe. Penetration testing allows the developer to check for loopholes in the development process and source code to figure out the best way to encrypt and safeguard user data.

By following these essential steps for Android development, the developers at AppzCreative provide you with a wholesome Android development experience.

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