Google’s Fuchia OS May Replace Android in Coming Five Years

Two legends of Bloomberg Mark Bergen and Mark Gurman have a juicy scoop for all Google lovers and its secretive project Fuchia OS project which has been in news since couple of years. The company is working on this platform which will eventually run on various devices and it’s expected that it can even replace Android on Google-branded hardware someday.

This Fuchia project has now more than 100 engineers on board and it also have the brain behind the Google’s material design language for Android interface, that’s Matias Duarte. Being a little different from the Android OS, Fuchia OS is being designed to run on different devices as smart speakers and it can be connected easily with the home appliances. Down the line, it is also expected to connect it with the laptop as well. Apart from being compatible, the workforce is also concentrating on creating Fuchia OS support as voice-based interaction which will be better than Android.

Not only this, the Fuchia platform will not be operated on Linux kernel as Android does. Developing the platform from the scratch can help Google in avoiding the dependency on Oracle language which actually owns the rights for some underlying Java based technologies that was used to build the Android OS. As per the statement by Google to Bloomberg, the project is an “open-source experiment” and “an investment in innovation.”

At the same time, the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai and Hiroshi Lockheimer (who is looking after Android and Chrome developments) in the organization are yet to give the green flag to the road map of new OS. One of the Bloomberg’s sources called this initiative a “senior- engineer retention project,” which implies may not see the light of the day anytime very soon.

Apart from the engineering challenge creating the better OS, Google will also have to work hard in gathering different stakeholders who will include the third party hardware manufacturers and software developers on board with this latest platform. Godspeed, Google!!

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